About Nirbhaya Bharat Mobile App

Nirbhaya Bharat App is destined to help everyone to track themselves or their loved ones on regular basis. This self help app can be used to respond to emergency situations and seek emergency attention. We have specially designed 'Virtual Guardian' which will be a fall back for busy guardians who cannot respond to emergency situations quickly.

Nirbhaya Bharat App has two modes : Mobile Applications and Online Applications. You can download the mobile application, install on your smart phone and register for the services for free of cost. Every registered user will have access to both application modes.

Below diagram illustrates the application usage work flow :
nirbhaya bharat work flow

Emergency alerts raised from the users mobile will be sent to registered guardians and the control center. Guardian shall respond to the emergency alerts. For users who registered for 'Virtual Guardian', virtual guardian will attend the alert and coordinate between user, registered guardians and police. Guardians can tracks their users online or using their mobile phone on the google map.

This mobile/web application is designed and developed by 'Nipun Net Solutions Pvt. Ltd'. Thank you to Nipun Net Solution to come forward for this Cause.

This Application is ready to download..!! Click here to Download.

By downloading and using Nirbhaya Bharat, a simple click of a button will alert to your loved ones of your current location, allows you to track each other lively and provide you all with a bit of peace of mind in those emergency situations